1. Receive & Quote

We receive your AutoCAD Floor plans or drawings and  work along with it  to determine the best possible outcome with a finalized quote for each set of plans and also 50% advance of payments.

2. Design & 3D Modeling

We will create your basic 3d model and send you a sample of your design. You will be able to make us aware if the model is not 100% correct.We will work unless your satisfaction.

3. Discuss & Change

We will send you a draft 3D render of your project, mark and change  that you had and we will make sure it is perfect for you.Make Payments  25% of final payments.

4. Render & Send

Make the 25% rest of payments.We will send you final high resolution render to you by email. If you are not 100% satisfied with the image let us know and we will work further improvement.

ali newaz

Hello my name is Md.Ali Newaz and I'm based in Bangladesh I am an Entrepreneur & CG Architect .I have made many happy client in past few years.I look forward to work for any company who considers my experience and skills to be invaluable for their projects.

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