Dream Home Architect & Consultant

The cost of construction is rising day by day due to increasing of basic building materials such as steel, sand, cement, brick, timber and labor. The cost of construction using conventional building materials and construction techniques are not economical particularly for low income groups of population as well as middle income groups. Therefore there is a need to develop a cost effective construction technique either by up-gradation conventional technique or by applying new technique. Furthermore in Bangladesh clay burn brick is the major cause of environmental pollution but concrete hollow block is more environment friendly and keep the house cool. We are working with alternative building materials to save the environment as well as to construct low cost houses by constructing duplex, simplex and multi-storied houses.

We Offering Services 

3D  Architectural Visualization

Architectural Floor Plan

Interior Design & Deoration

Building Renovation

Building Retrofitting

Building Structural Design

3D Shopping Mall Architectural Rendering

3D Building Architectural Rendering

3D Resort Architectural Rendering

3D Club Architectural Rendering

3 storied triplex



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